Commercial Property Owners: Lower Energy Costs With No Out of Pocket

Commercial Property Owners:
Lower Energy Costs With No Out of Pocket

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ENERGIZE KENTUCKY lets you fund capital intensive projects with no out-of-pocket expense so you can generate positive cash flow from day one.

ENERGIZE KENTUCKY enables commercial property owners to finance up to 100% of energy and water saving improvements. Financing is provided by private capital providers at competitive rates with some repayment terms up to 30 years.

KENTUCKY PACE for Commercial Property Owners Funding Process

  • Initial Eligibility Form

    The property owner completes a brief form at to help PACE determine if the property and potential energy project is eligible for KENTUCKY PACE financing.

  • Energy Project Summary Form

    The property owner works with a KENTUCKY PACE registered contractor to identify eligible energy saving improvements and quantify the energy savings. This form is submitted with the Energy Project Application.

  • Energy Project Application

    The application form allows the property owner to provide essential financial documentation about the property and its operating status. KENTUCKY PACE provides the information to its network of registered capital providers to obtain PACE financing terms for the owner. NOTE: The property owner must obtain written consent from the existing mortgage holder before a PACE special assessment can be added to the property’s tax bill.

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    The property owner agrees to financing terms and then the PACE special assessment is added to the property’s tax bill. After the KENTUCKY PACE financial closing occurs, the funding will be available for the eligible energy saving improvements.

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    The registered contractor completes the installation of the authorized energy saving improvements. KENTUCKY PACE ensures all improvements are installed to the satisfaction of the property owner.